Salsa Babies - Latin Beat For Tiny Feet!

With the little ones snuggled into baby carriers, new moms learn basic steps to popular Latin Dances, while babies shake maracas and bounce along to the Salsa beat.

Salsa Babies offers a great workout, a chance to socialize with other parents, and an opportunity to introduce one's child to music and movement. Not to mention, it's perfect for people who have always wanted to learn to dance, but could never convince their partner to take lessons!

Classes are appropriate for babies approximately 6-8 weeks of age and up, as long as you are comfortable supporting your baby in a carrier for the duration of the class. All levels of fitness and dance experience are welcome.

Class Schedule


Salsa Babies Basic - $99.00 including all applicable taxes.

6 weeks of Salsa Babies classes. Get free Salsa Babies Music CD with new registrations! Returning 'Mamacitas' get $20.00 OFF regular price!

Salsa Babies Essentials - $105 including all applicable taxes.

6 weeks of Salsa Babies class PLUS Salsa Babies new Music CD and a Maraca

CuddlyWrap™ by Peapod Creations - $86.66 including all applicable taxes.

The CuddlyWrap™ - guaranteed 100% certified organic cotton. Exceptional comfort for adult and baby. Multiple positions with no age, weight or carrying time restrictions. Suitable for preemies, infants and toddlers. Detailed instructional DVD and manual in English, French, and Spanish.

Available in Sage, Navy, Denim, Red, Tan, Black, and Brown.

CuddlyWrap™ For The Cure by Peapod Creations - $92.00 including all applicable taxes.

Peapod Creations has partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and makes a direct donation for every pink CuddlyWrap™ for the Cure purchased in Canada. Additionally, $5.00 from the consumer purchase price – the your donation – goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation or breast cancer research in other countries.

Bamboo Wrap by Sling Sisters - $69.55 including all applicable taxes.

Bamboo wraps are really easy to use, super comfortable and breathable making them especially great for the summer heat. They are good for both newborn and bigger babies. They are made of a high quality organic bamboo cotton blend that is woven and dyed in Canada.

Currently available in cream, they include a carrying bag. A variety of front panels are available. The addition of the front panel gives your wrap a bit of extra personality. It also adds support and structure to the center of the wrap enabling you to use the wrap with heavier children.

Salsa Babies Music CD - $16.04 including all applicable taxes.

Salsa Babies Maraca - $8.55 including all applicable taxes.

Drop-in - $20/class /mom-and-baby, cash only

CuddlyWrap™ Colour (if purchased)
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