Frequently Asked Questions

Class Attire

There is a wide range of carriers out there, from slings to wraps to backpacks. Whatever is safe and comfortable for you and your baby is fine, however we highly recommend ones that straps your baby to both of your shoulders. The mainstream carriers like Snugli and Baby Bjorn would work, as well as wraps and mei tais.

We sell the CuddlyWrap by Peapod Creations and Bamboo Wrap by Sling Sisters. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to try them on first!

It is best to come to class prepared to move around. Comfy clothes, running shoes, or if you have them, dance sneakers work well. It is strongly recommended to bring a bottle of water for yourself in addition to any baby items you require.

Because the baby is worn against your body, you can both get a little sweaty by the end of class, so you may wish to dress the baby in layers or bring a change of clothes.

Of course you’ll need a baby carrier. There is a wide range of carriers out there, from wraps, mei tais, to backpacks. Whatever is safe and comfortable for you and your baby is fine, however we highly recommend ones that straps your baby on both of your shoulders (no slings).

Running shoes, or if you have them, dance sneakers work well. If you prefer, you can dance in socks.
Please, always bring an extra pair of shoes to the class. In order to keep dance floor clean of dust, sand and mud we will not allow students to use the same shoes they arrived in.

You can view our most popular models at Ted Motyka Dance Studio. If you would like to see all the options, please do not hesitate to ask to see the shoe catalogue. You can also check out our Facebook Dance Wear Page

About Classes

No problem! Salsa Babies offers a totally baby-friendly environment, so fussing, crying, and spitting up, among other things, are all to be expected. Most of our instructors are moms themselves and many even teach with their own babies, so they’ve been in your shoes.

Salsa Babies encourages breast-feeding and strives to create a comfortable and relaxed environment in this regard. Babies’ needs come first, so please feel free to take a break and pull up a chair if your baby needs to feed before, during, or after class. Instructors will direct you to a diaper changing area for your particular class.

If your baby is asleep when you arrive, you can join in the class while baby sleeps in his or her seat off to the side, and then pick up baby when he or she awakens.

Rest assured that excessive fussiness is rarely a problem. The rhythm and movement of the class combined with being held close to their mom, keeps most babies content and often times asleep throughout the class.

Salsa Babies
For the price of one, parents of twins are welcome to bring a spouse, relative or friend to dance with the second baby. If this is not an option, some mothers of twins take turns dancing with one baby while the other either sleeps or looks on in their stroller or baby seat beside the mother.

Salsa Tots and Kids
The second child gets a huge discount! Please refer to the program page for pricing.

If your baby is not yet walking, then Salsa Babies is the class for you. You can dance your way back into shape while your baby enjoys the music and movement being strapped close to your heart.

If you have a little one who is walking and under 4 years old, then you will both enjoy singing, dancing, and playing in Salsa Tots. This class is eligible for the Child Fitness Tax Credit.

Salsa Kids is for aspiring little Salser@s ages 4-10. This class is also eligible for the Child Fitness Tax Credit.

The start dates are listed on each page. If the class you are interested in already started, please contact us about joining mid-session or for the next start date.

Yes we do! We teach private and semi-private (private group) classes by appointment at one of our locations or at the location of your choice.

Requirements & Restrictions

Salsa Babies classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. We know that some new moms are in excellent shape, whereas others who have had C-sections or more difficult pregnancies may need to ease back into physical activity at their own pace. We teach a basic program and offer adaptations for those looking to increase the intensity.

For Salsa Babies, we usually recommend that babies be no younger than 6-8 weeks old before starting the class, just so that they have some neck control. As well, moms should be ready to start exercising again by that time.

There is no upper age limit, and while most babies in the class are under 12 months, it is not uncommon to find older babies as well. The basic guideline is that both mom and baby should be comfortable using a baby carrier for the duration of a 45-minute class. It is an individual decision depending on various factors including fitness level, type of carrier, and size and weight of baby regardless of age.

Salsa Babies offers a free trial class in case you are still uncertain whether the class is suitable for you and your baby.

Salsa Tots are for babies who are walking, up to 4 years old.

Salsa Kids are for children ages 4-10.

Absolutely! Yes! Most people who take the class have never danced Salsa before, and many have no dance experience at all. We break the steps down so that anyone can join, and we review the basics each class. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not about perfection, but getting moving, enjoying the music and having fun with your baby!


If we cancel:
In the case that Virage Dance Co. has to cancel a session, we will give you the option to either transfer to a different class or get a full refund.

If you cancel:
Registrations canceled before the first class are subject to a $25 fee. No refunds or credit will be granted after the first class.

Private class (one or two people):

  • $50 per hour on weekdays only.

Our semi private class (private lessons for a group of people) rates are based on the number of people attending. The hourly total can be calculated using the following formula:

  • TOTAL = PRIVATE CLASS RATE (for the first two people) + $5 for every additional person
  • Weekend surcharge = $5 per hour, minimum 6 couples

For example:

  • A class of 10 people on a weekday is: $50 + 8 * $5 = $90
  • A class of 14 people on a weekend is: $55 + 12 * $5 = $115



We can bring the fiesta to your event whether it's a party for a little two year old, a fifty year old, or a corporate event!

Please contact us for more details.

Virage Dance Co. teaches at various locations. Please refer to our locations page for a complete list. Private and semi-private classes can be held at one of our locations or we can come to yours.

We are always looking for experienced dancers to join our performance group. Please contact us if you are interested.