C Bergthorson - Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots

Tristan is so cute: As soon as I sing "its time for a siesta" he'll lay right down and look up at me waiting to start the fiesta! Today we were in the truck and he was playing with the controls and he happened to hit the salsa tots c.d. He started dancing like crazy and following along to the music. So cute. Can't wait to take it again in January : )

C Bellisario - Salsa Babies

I went to salsa babies last February 2009 and also to the free session last summer at the Forks with my son. We both loved it. It was a great workout and I did see result I lost inches and a few pounds. I've noticed my son has a passion for music and dance and I'm convinced its cause we took this class, I also believe the music is great for brain development. I do want to check out the tots, its all about the times for me :). I would recommend salsa classes for the children, and plus the instructor is amazing and so accommodizing,organized and understanding!!!

Kirsten and Emma - Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots

I did a session of Salsa babies when Emma was already almost a year old! It was an awesome workout....especially because she was a bit heavier.
I was able to loose a few extra pounds, and Emma had lots of fun.
We then decided to take the tots class, she loved it, she still listens to the CD all the time and still remembers some of the moves! Both classes were awesome and I would highly recommend them both.

A Klassen - Salsa Babies

I went to a session last spring, my daughter was 4 months at that time. We both really enjoyed it ... she loved it so much she fell asleep almost every class ;-) It's a great opportunity for mom and baby to get moving together!

Jennifer and Fortunato First Dance

Hi Natasha,

You helped us learn our wedding dance (3 lessons, we think...) to Etta
Jame's "At Last". We wanted to share this wedding photo with you,
taken by Frank Yong our photographer, and let you know how grateful we
were to have taken lessons with you! We felt we nailed the dance,
complete with the two high dips (as shown in the photo), and the final
low dip. We got a standing ovation from our guests!

Thank-you for your help. And if I remember right, you must be a mommy
now. Congratulations, and thank-you once again.

Take care,
Jennifer and Fortunato Lim